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Comprehensive data recording units that offer enhanced portability and performance to meet the ever-increasing demands of signal measurement. These intelligent recording instruments and data acquisition systems are used in production test, environmental test, and R&D.


  • Portability and versatility for onsite-testing needs

  • Multi-function inputs for multiple signal recordings

  • Channel to channel isolation for enhanced safety

  • Quick solution for real-time excel recording and reporting

  • Field-ready instrument with large format display and ruggedness

  • Ddifferential inputs for all channels

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Lighthouse is a leading supplier of real time contamination monitoring systems and airborne particle counters.

Lighthouse offers the most complete line of contamination monitoring solutions available that include Airborne Particle Counts, Airborne Molecular Contamination Levels, Liquid Particle Counts, Electrostatic Charge, Temperature, Humidity, Total Organic Carbon Monitoring and many more.

The Lighthouse line of particle counters is composed of a complete line of handheld, portable and remote particle counters with features such as Touch Screen Displays with zoom capability, Detailed reporting functions, Historical data review, Removable / Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries, and Alpha Numeric location labels just to name a few. Lighthouse also designs, installs and maintains some of the largest, most comprehensive contamination monitoring systems in the world and offers a complete package of calibration, service, repair, contamination control training and consultation services

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Industrial Ovens and Environmental Test Chambers designed to accommodate a wide range of applications. Available in configurations to meet virtually any thermal processing requirements. Recognized as a leader in the design, manufacture and support of Environmental Test Chambers, Industrial Ovens, Inline Curing Ovens, Light Industrial Furnaces, Custom Industrial Ovens and ASTM Test Ovens.

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Dycem's CleanZone Technology combines a unique polymeric compound with advanced processing technology. This combination creates Dycem's 5 S's - Size, Suppleness, Silver, Smoothness and Service, which deliver the most effective contamination control solution on the market.

Are you currently using peel off mats?

Peel off mats can seem like an ideal short term solution for your facility. But in truth, they can cause more harm than good.

Read the top 5 reasons to avoid peel off mats and get in the know about contamination control – click HERE.

Reduce particulate counts in all your critical areas. Use at:

  • All entrances to critical areas to prevent ingress of contamination

  • All exits to prevent contamination leaving the critical area

  • In corridors to prevent cross contamination

  • Inside the critical area adjacent to critical products and processes

  • Inside airlocks, gowning rooms, warehouses and product transfer rooms to control contamination

  • Can also be used on ceilings and walls providing 360 degree contamination control

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