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Now you can SEE high frequency electromagnetic fields. There are high demands for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of electronic products. The demands are stated in different set of rules for example VCCI, ANSI,CISPR, FCC and VDE. These demands are specified for products or systems and not for components or elements. The fact that there is no easy way to find the exact location of a radiating source is a problem for designers today.

Detectus AB has developed a measuring system with which the designers can measure the intensity and the location of a radiation source at a component level. The results of such a measurement can be shown as two or three dimensional colored maps

Why Use an EMC Scanner

  • You save time and money by reducing your need for expensive and time consuming full scale measurement.

  • You can see the emission at components level.

  • Early in the design phase you can detect potential emission problems.

  • You can make comparative measurements to document the effect of a change in design. (Useful when there is a need to archive design changes.)

  • You can maintain a high quality in the production line by meas-uring samples and comparing them to a reference.

  • You do not have to know what frequencies you are looking for thanks to the Prescan function.

  • You can use your own instruments

  • You can easily document (ISO900x) the emission spectra of your products in both design and production phase

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Electromagnetic Compatibility and EMF electromagnetic field measurement Narda PMM offers a wide range of FULL and PRE-compliance product for EMC testing. This includes:

  • Receivers— Fully CISPR-Compliant Digital EMC/EMI receivers 10 Hz – 18 GHz

  • LISN & Voltage Probes— CISPR 16-1- 2, VDE 0876, FCC part 15, MIL-STD 461, CISPR 25 / ISO 11452-2/4/5, ISO 7637-2, MIL-STD-461F, DO-160, ED-14G

  • Antennas

  • RF Immunity Systems

  • RF Generators

  • Amplifiers and Power meters

  • Field probes


Near Field Probes (E & H field), Preamplifiers, Development System Disturbance Emissions, Set HF-Transformer. Pre-compliance EMC test and measuring devices.  Measure Disturbance Immunity: Development System Disturbance Immunity, Magnetic Field Probes, MINI-Burst generators, Field Source Sets, Burst Transformer, Optical Signal Acquisition (1/2/4 channels), Optical Fibre Probe analog, Burst Detectors. Measurement Radiated Emissions


P1 mini burst field generator set

The E and B mini burst field generator contained in the P1 set generate a local pulse field of extreme intensity and steepness at the probe tip. This pulse field corresponds to the field which develops under the influence of burst and ESD processes on electronic modules. Weak spots can be located and their type (E/B field) and sensitivity can be determined through the locally emitted E or B fields.

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Test System division offers a wide range of EMC Test Systems for emission and immunity testing as well as the planning, delivery and installation of turn-key EMC-Laboratories acc. to industrial, automotive and military standards.


Along with complete systems we offer single instruments/components, like RF-Power-Amplifiers, Antennas, Signal Generators, RF-Power-Meters, E-Field Sensors, GTEM-Cells, EMI-Receiver and many other accessories for EMC-testing.

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Full range of conducted immunity test equipment designed to simulate the effects of interference sources on electronic, electrical and telecommunications products. Most popular and included in IEC, EN and CISPR product standards are the "classic" EMC tests for Electrostatic Discharge, Electric Fast Transient/burst, Lightning Surge, Magnetic Fields, Power Line quality and Conducted Radio Frequency.

Range of instruments flexible enough to be used in many applications including product development, type verification, product safety, component and production testing.


Range of products includes test systems for: Transient Immunity, Voltage Variation, Leakage Current Testers, Withstanding Voltage (Hi-Pot) – AC & DC starting at 3 kV, Insulation Resistance, Earth Continuity.

Able to conduct tests that conform to the requirements of the applicable IEC, UL, JIS, and other standards, as well as the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law.  Many units feature RS-232, GPIB and/or USB interfaces for remote control.  Application software allows for control and report generation.

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