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Microwave attenuators, terminations, pin switches, mechanical switches, adapters, couplers, detectors, high directivity bridges, power dividers. Fiber Optic OC-192 and OC-768 clock oscillators and OC-768 modulator driver amplifiers. Cellular receiver multi-couplers and power/VSWR monitors.
Narda Safety Test Solutions
RF radiation survey instruments and personal monitors 10 KHz to 100 GHz.  For compliance with World wide standards including Canada’s Safety Code 6.
Narda S3

A leader in RF component manufacturing offering microwave components for Coaxial, Waveguide, Double Ridge Waveguide and Ka-Band Satcom microwave components for satellite communications, military systems & microwave telecommunications with capabilities up to 50 GHz.
  • Coaxial Components
  • Ka-Band Satcom Components
  • Microwave Subsystem Components
  • Space Qualified Microwave Components
  • Waveguide RF Components


Interference and Direction Analyzer. Portable signal analyzer for radio monitoring and interference analysis. Built-in GPS, compass and mapping functions. Interchangeable antennas.

SmartDF function –



Multichannel remote spectrum analyzer. The remote Spectrum Analyzer, NRA, was specifically developed for remote controlled operation. Simple remote commands and comprehensive documentation ensure problem-free integration into existing measurement environments. Used in Satellite, Radio, TV and Wireless applications.



Output powers from 5 5,000 watts and spanning frequencies from 0.01 6,000 MHz, the systems and modules we create are used for military communications, electronic warfare & electronic countermeasures, homeland security, and a variety of scientific/industrial applications.

A complete supplier of specialty Noise Components and Test Equipment, backed by decades of experience in the design of Noise Sources and Instrumentation for telecommunications. Providing high quality standard and custom noise test solutions to meet commercial and military wireless applications.

Products include: Noise Diodes (including SOD-323 packages), Noise Modules (including TO-8, SIM, DIP 12/24 pin packages), Calibrated Noise Sources, Amplified Noise Modules, Benchtop Noise Sources.

Supplying EIP-branded CW and Pulse Microwave Frequency Counters. Features include a unique YIG front end for frequency selectivity and overload protection. VXI product offering – counters, synthesizers, pulse generator, downconverter, power amplifier.



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