Time and Frequency Synchronization



Your Partner for Professional Time and Frequency Synchronization Solutions - PTP/IEEE 1588 Systems, NTP Servers, GPS/GLONASS References and IRIG Timecode Generators / Receivers and Distribution Systems.



Products include a broad spectrum of GPS receivers, WWVB, DCF77(PZF) and MSF radio clocks, bus-level timing cards, and associated accessories. The components and modules installed in standard models are basic functional blocks which can be re-combined in complex systems to address the specific customer requirements. The popular LANTIME NTP Time Servers are an example of an innovative product focused on the growing field of network technology.

Ontime display


Expertise in hardware, software solutions and IP cores using Precision Time Protocol (PTP) IEEE 1588.

Gbit 1588 switch

Products include PTP PCIe NIC boards, Gbit Ethernet 1588 switches, IEEE-1588 modules for integration into customer products, , PTP stacks, PTP management software.

1588 PCle PTP stack

ORCA Technologies

High-precision receivers used to provide time, frequency and global position coordinates in a robust portable package. Models include Time Code Generators, Network Time Servers, Field Portable Clocks, and Time Code/Pulse Rate/RF Signal Distribution amplifiers. Available in compact, rackmount or rugged enclosures.



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