Power Test

Eagle Eye

An industry leader in critical battery monitoring, testing, and charging solutions. Products include:

  • Real-Time Battery Monitoring Systems
  • Portable Battery Testers
  • Load Banks
  • Battery Chargers & Reconditioners
  • Ground Fault Locators
  • Digital Hydrometers & Density Meters
  • Gas Detection

Eagle Eye works with electric utilities, telecoms, data centers, industrial & government facilities, motive power applications, and many other industries where backup battery performance is critical. We understand the need for meeting common industry regulations and standards, including NERC PRC-005-2, IEEE, IFC 608.3 and more.


High output Voltage regulated DC power supplies with up to 400KV models. High voltage DC 300 Watt modules up to 60KV. 40 Watt to 40 KWatt instrument-type DC supplies. Positive, negative or reversible polarities.

Graphtec America

Comprehensive data recording units that offer enhanced portability and performance to meet the ever-increasing demands of signal measurement. These intelligent recording instruments and data acquisition systems are used in production test, environmental test, and R&D.


  • Portability and versatility for onsite-testing needs
  • Multi-function inputs for multiple signal recordings
  • Channel to channel isolation for enhanced safety
  • Quick solution for real-time excel recording and reporting
  • Field-ready instrument with large format display and ruggedness
  • Ddifferential inputs for all channels

Haefely Hipotronics. AC/DC HI-POT testers, AC Dielectric test sets, insulating oil analyzers, Peschel variable transformers and regulators, AC/DC Motor test sets (300 kVA to 2500 kVA). High voltage impulse test equipment and partial discharge detection systems, underground cable fault location
Test systems for HV Impulse up to 10 MegaVolts, Impulse current up to 100KA peak, AC transformer capability up to 1600KV and 2400 KVA, AC resonance (tank type or cylinder type) and complete HV multifunction testing for arrestor, transformer and transducer production.
Tettex Instruments High current resistance meter (1 micro ohm to 20K ohms), transformers turns ratio meter, fully automatic capacitance and dissipation factor tan delta bridge, partial discharge measuring systems.


Specializing in electrical test instruments for the power industry for 60 years..

Relay Test Sets
Secondary Injection Test Sets
Primary Injection Test Sets
Circuit Breaker Analyzers
Transformer Test Sets
Substation Battery Test System
Metal Oxide Surge Arrestor Test Sets
Timers, Frequency Meters, Phase Angle Meters
Portable Power Supplies

Precision DC power supplies (lab, programmable), electronic loads (70 to 1000 watts), hi-pot and insulation testers.


Your Partner for Professional Time and Frequency Synchronization Solutions - PTP/IEEE 1588 Systems, NTP Servers, GPS/GLONASS References and IRIG Timecode Generators / Receivers and Distribution Systems.



Products include a broad spectrum of GPS receivers, WWVB, DCF77(PZF) and MSF radio clocks, bus-level timing cards, and associated accessories. The components and modules installed in standard models are basic functional blocks which can be re-combined in complex systems to address the specific customer requirements. The popular LANTIME NTP Time Servers are an example of an innovative product focused on the growing field of network technology.

Ontime display

Specialising in sophisticated test equipment, particularly related to phase measurement. Product portfolio includes Power Analyzers, Frequency Response Analyzers (gain/phase analyzers), Impedance Analyzers, Vector Voltmeters, Phase Meters, true RMS voltmeters, Selective Level Meters and Laboratory Power Amplifiers.

Products that have been designed from inception and specifically built as truly Rugged AC Power Sources, which can be used in harsh environment Commercial, Industrial, and Military applications. Rugged AC Power Sources have successfully qualified to Military Environmental Standards such as MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-167, MIL-STD-901, MIL-STD-461, and MIL-STD-1399, with some supplies still on full-time active duty after 35+ years in the field.  
DC - AC inverters Custom Designs
US power

OFIL Systems

Bi-spectral (ultraviolet & visible) optical sensors and imaging systems, classified as Non-Destructive-Testing (NDT) equipment for the detection of Corona discharge. Systems are used for predictive & condition based maintenance of high and medium voltage apparatuses.

Seeing corona is advantageous to maintenance teams; pinpointing its origin is of great value and can reduce substantially inspection costs.

Corona is triggered by sharp edges, physical defects, contamination, bad design, wrong installation, improper material etc. Corona acts as a signal of existing faults, and at the same time corona itself radiates UV, creates Ozone (O3) and acids, dissipates audio noise and interferes with radio signals.

Corona discharge is associated with local high electrical field that exceeds the air ability to withstand and remain a dielectric gap. Corona can hit any medium/high voltage apparatus: transformers, bushings, capacitors, insulators, switchgear, conductors, cables, motors, spacers, switch cabinets, and more.


Expertise in hardware, software solutions and IP cores using Precision Time Protocol (PTP) IEEE 1588.

Gbit 1588 switch

Products include PTP PCIe NIC boards, Gbit Ethernet 1588 switches, IEEE-1588 modules for integration into customer products, , PTP stacks, PTP management software.

1588 PCle PTP stack

ORCA Technologies

High-precision receivers used to provide time, frequency and global position coordinates in a robust portable package. Models include Time Code Generators, Network Time Servers, Field Portable Clocks, and Time Code/Pulse Rate/RF Signal Distribution amplifiers. Available in compact, rackmount or rugged enclosures.

Preen Power

Advanced, reliable and cost effective power products including AC power sources, DC power supplies, regenerative grid simulators, power supplies for aerospace and defense, and line conditioners. Capable of delivering 500VA to 2,000kVA of power.

AC Power Sources:

  • Variable (15 to 1000 Hz) and fixed frequency outputs
  • Single and three-phase solutions
  • Variable output: 0 to 310 V
  • 400 Hz ground power solutions
  • AC + DC capabilities

DC Power Sources:

  • Compact sizes: 4 to 12 kW in 3U height
  • Output voltages up to 1000 V
  • Programmable
  • Can be paralleled

Qualitrol BEN digital fault recorder for utility and transmission grids using centralized or de-centralized architecture. Integral power monitoring capability.

RH Systems

Analyzer was specifically designed for measurement of humidity and SF6 purity in gas insulated switchgear systems.

Features of the system include:

  • Gas Recovery that stores the sampled gas during the measurement process in its internal storage tank. After completion of the measurement, the stored gas may be pumped back into the original compartment or into another container
  • Easy, Automated Usage - User configurable via the full color active matrix LCD touch screen
  • Verifiable Calibration - built-in Ice Test function which provides instant verification of system accuracy and integrity
  • Connect and Go - ready for immediate use complete with industry standard quick connect fittings and sampling tube

Market leader in transformer/wound component test solutions. Automatic single station (small power) transformer testers. 20Hz to 3MHz frequency selection.



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